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Are you treating all leads the same? That could be a big mistake.

Not all leads are created equal. The best thing you can do for your sales process and your business is differentiate your leads into marketing qualified leads (MQL’)and sales qualified leads (SQL).

Marketing qualified leads have expressed an interest in your business services.

Sales qualified leads not only have expressed interest but they have a willingness and ability to pay for those services. This is important because your time and ability to follow and nurture leads is finite. You want to be spending most of your time on sales qualified leads giving them the attention they require to become customers.

MQL leads can beput on a nurturing campaign and you can follow up on them periodically to get them into the sales qualified lead category.

A big differentiator is sales qualified leads have been vetted. They are typically the key stakeholder the person who is going to sign the agreement and write the check. And they also have the budget and willingness to pay for those goods and services.

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