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“We have a hard time finding skilled labor.”

Attracting skilled employees is a significant challenge for all manufacturing businesses today. The way your company presents itself to the world is critical. The proper presentation of your business will significantly increase the number of skilled employees wanting to work with you.

At MachMark we provide your business with a comprehensive collection of tools to ensure you find prospective employees that meet your needs. The essential tools we add to your website include:

Career Pages – We add search engine optimized career pages to your site that attract people with the skills your business requires to carry on your practice of providing your customers with high-quality products and services.

Job Board – We include a Job Board that organizes and lists all the positions your company currently has available with a detailed description of the requirements of the job.

Application – Finally, we include an easy to follow application for prospective employees to fill out and be able to upload their resume.

We provide you with powerful tools to find the skilled employees you require to continue offering your customers the best products and services in your industry.

“We need more qualified leads.”

Our fully managed services are designed to drive leads, fill your sales pipeline and bring new customers to your business. We turn new visitors into leads with:

Conversion Focused Content – We make sure your site provides the right messaging and speaks to your customers needs.

Strong Calls to Action – Your visitors will provide you their contact information after reading our quality content paired with strong calls to action.

Lead Nurturing – Most often, when a visitor arrives on your website, they are not ready to make a purchase decision. That is why our automated lead nurturing campaigns turn leads into customers. We do this by building trust over time and ensuring your business stays at the forefront of their mind when they are ready to decide to buy.

“We don’t know if our website brings in leads.”

We take all the guesswork out of whether your website is attracting the leads it should. No other tool can reach more potential clients than a professionally created and monitored website.

We provide insight into where your visitors are coming from, how they are engaging with your site, and what content is converting them into prospects.

This information is crucial to maintaining and growing your online presence. By understanding how your website drives sales and by providing essential data we continually improve your digital brand.

“Our website needs more organic search traffic.”

Organic search traffic is essential to any business. Organic search results are the results your customers receive from the content found on your website, rather than paying for the search engine positioning.

One of the biggest reasons organic traffic is better than paid search engine advertisements is credibility. During the dawn of the internet, people were not aware they were receiving some of their search results because the business paid for their position at the top of the first results page, rather than being the best result of their search.

However, today people understand this and prefer sites that show up on one of the first results pages while searching for a specific product or service.

At Machmark we understand what it takes for your business to have a preferred standing in the most used search engines. We ensure your site has the best search engine ranking possible based on proper keyword usage and optimization.

“We have a poorly designed website.”

Your website is critical to the success of your business; this is a fact. If your site is poorly designed, it is either not getting positive information about your products and services to your customers. If this is the case, your site could be doing irreversible damage to your company’s credibility.

At Machmark we understand how important this is to, not only your success but in most cases your survival, which is why our professional design team has the knowledge required to ensure your digital presence is exceptional.

“Our website does not reflect our current business.”

Many people assume just having your name, phone number, and a short, description of their company is the only internet presence they require. On the other hand, business owners that know this is a huge mistake are the ones who are successful.

Businesses also change regularly; therefore websites require regular updating and maintenance. At MachMark we don’t stop at creating an impressive and eye-catching website for your company. We also manage, maintain, and update your site which is all included in your low monthly subscription fee.