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Customers are on your site because they have a problem.

The customer path typically looks like this:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Figure out how to solve the problem
  3. Search for solutions that can help solve the problem
  4. Evaluate the solutions
  5. Select the chosen solution and purchase the solution
  6. Evaluate how well the solution solved the problem

By focusing on the problems you solve, you’ll quickly show the customer that you can help them and nothing drives action quicker than showing someone how you can help them.

—Drive engagement with a strong call to action

You have 6-8 seconds to grab and keep a web vistor’s attention (in 2014 it was 15 seconds). This is important because 70% of small b-2-b websites do not have phone numbers prominently displayed or have a call to action. And if the customer can’t quickly figure out how to contact you or move forward on solving their problem…they will leave your site and move on to the next one. By focusing on a strong call to action – you guide the customer quickly in taking the next steps.

There’s an old saying in marketing – people buy a drill because they want hole. It happens that drills are the best way to do this.

—Differentiate yourself from competitors

What makes you special? Why should a customer do business with you? Your website is the window into your shop and you have complete control over what you say and how you say it. Do you have a unique skill set that few others have or have you tackled complex projects? Are you a thought leader in your industry? Highlight those achievements on your website so your visitors know about them.

—Build your brand

Everything you communicate to your customers builds your brand (intentionally or not). When a potential customers visits your website, it’s usually the first or second time they’ve ever experienced your company and these impressions count. Consider how many times you’ve gone to a website and left because of a bad impression.

—Promote thought leadership

Your website is an opportunity to create value both now and in the future through articles, white papers and thought leadership. You have a TON of expertise and sharing it in ways your visitors can consume and share themselves means they’ll come back to your site even if they don’t have a specific problem.

—Promote your social channels

Most visitors who go to your website won’t be ready to buy, but if you can create value and give them a reason to come back…you can stay top of mind when they are. Whether it’s a blog, industry news or white papers – your website can create consistent value and build an audience.

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