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Custom SEO Optimization

A professional website is a valuable asset, as long as your potential customers can easily find it. The key to having a site that has good visibility on all the major search engines requires professional search engine optimization or SEO.

Search engine optimization dramatically increases your site’s visibility on the three major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This visibility, in turn, increases the traffic your site receives whenever someone searches for your business, product, or service.

Content Concierge

MachMark’s high-quality professional service doesn’t end when your website is built. We manage and maintain your site every step of the way, so you can focus on what you need to, running your business.

We work with you to customize a plan tailored to the unique needs of your business. Just some of the tasks we perform include:

  • Making all necessary updates to your website.
  • Our professional content creators will supply all of the search engine optimized content required to increase your site’s visitors dramatically, and convert them into customers.
  • If you have your own content, we will format, edit, and post it to your site as well.

Customer Portal

At MachMark, our essential Customer Portal automates the customer feedback process to ensure you receive feedback from your satisfied customers after they receive a favorable experience with your company.

If, by chance, you do receive negative feedback we then have the opportunity to contact your customer to work out a solution that is satisfactory before the customer’s post shows up on your website.

Diligent Malware Scanning

At MachMark we work hard to ensure your website and business remains protected from outside attacks with the benefits of our diligent malware scanning. Several dire consequences can arise from a company website that is unprotected, and malware is only one of them, but it is a significant one.

Malware is a program that secretly acts against the best interests of the computer user. Malware can be used to gain your company’s private information such as site IDs, bank or credit card information and numbers or passwords. We take your private information seriously and diligently protect your website against several forms of malware, to give you peace of mind.

Monthly Newsletter

Keeping your employees informed of current events within your company is essential for several reasons. First, a monthly newsletter lets your employees know they are a part of a team with one goal in mind, the success of the company.

A monthly newsletter boosts morale by keeping your employees informed of the current events happening within the company they are invested in.

A monthly newsletter also quickly and easily informs your employees of upcoming events, expectations, personal occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, as well as business goals which are being met, and those areas that still require work.

With input from management, we will create a monthly newsletter for your business that makes your employees feel like part of a team, keeps them informed, and notifies them of areas that need special attention.

Social Media Branding

An active social media presence is a crucial part of any company’s marketing strategy, which is why your social media branding is so important. Social media branding is the consistent use of the proper methods to engage with your target audience on all of your social media platforms. This active engagement will boost your brand awareness.

At MachMark, we create, manage, and maintain an active social media branding strategy for your business to ensure maximum marketing performance.

Listing Management

We make sure your business listing is accurate across all major online business and industrial directories. This helps you build trust in your customers and search engines. We also track customer reviews across the Internet and will alert you to new reviews.

Additionally, we track your listing performance over time and constantly work to improve it. This ensures your business is always visible to customers.

Reputation Management

A company’s reputation is everything. You can have the best marketing firm in the world working for you, but if you do not have a reputation for a good product or service, you are only throwing your money away.

At MachMark, we know how important maintaining your good reputation is. We are continually working on ours and proving ourselves with every client. That is why we diligently work to ensure the reputation for excellent craftsmanship and customer service; you work so hard to uphold, not only remains intact. We ensure all of your current customers, and potential customers know about it.

Marketing Automation

We create an automated marketing platform that that works 24/7 on your behalf. There is no need to spend the time you simply do not have available to devote to your marketing strategy. With our marketing automation, we make it easy for you to produce an effective marketing strategy quickly and efficiently. From prospecting, lead nurturing, customer on boarding and customer retention…we work to promote your business.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

We know that you live by solid, high-quality leads which is why we create, manage, and maintain a comprehensive lead nurturing campaign that gets results and sustains them. We work hard to ensure you keep working. We do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

Customer Relationship Manager

At the heart of every successful business are two things, a great product or service, and excellent customer relationships. At MachMark we maintain flawless customer relationship management (CRM) to couple with the quality products or services you produce.

Our customer relationship management will ensure your customers see that you are a leader in your industry. You work hard to provide a quality product to your customers; you need a business that has the same values maintaining your customer relationships.