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Does your B2B Website have these important features? Every B2B website needs the following to build credibility and trust with prospects.

First, Contact information. Make sure that your contact information is in the header or the footer of every page of your website. Make it very easy for customers to know how to contact you. This includes your phone number and email address, your physical address and also include any relevant certifications such as ISO or ITAR. This is a good way to build credibility right off the bat.

Second, a strong call to action. Most visitors who come to your website are not ready to buy from you. A strong call to action with a capture form encourages them to leave their contact information including email address and phone number so you can reach out and nurture that prospect over time. When they are ready to buy, you are their first choice.

Make it very easy for a visitor to reach out to you anytime without having to pick up the phone. Although phone calls are great ,there might be instances where your business is closed or don’t have a phone available. Your contact form makes it very easy for them to reach out to you. Also make sure your website has a services pages that lists the services you provide who provide.

An FAQ page – take all the questions that customers have given you over the years. Write them down and put them on a page. Every business has questions they’ve heard time and time again.

What makes your business unique and different? Why should someone do business with you? Also social proof is important. Display customer testimonials and the great things your clients have said about you. Showcase those on your website. Prospects care about what other people have said.

Make sure your website is responsive. A responsive website looks great on a mobile device, tablet or a desktop. Take out your smartphone and go to your website. Web sites even a few years old might not be responsive and that can be a bad thing now because over 50% of all Internet traffic is coming from mobile devices.

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