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Managed Websites and Email Marketing for Industrial Companies

At Machmark we help industrial, manufacturing, and machine companies effectively and effortlessly maintain a better online presence that attracts, retains, and grows long-term customer relationships.

We work exclusively with industrial B2B companies including Machine Shops, Custom Manufacturers, Job Shops, Contract Manufacturers, and Engineering Service firms.

By focusing on industrial businesses, we can better understand your challenges and needs to customize a plan tailored to solve your complex digital requirements better than a firm that offers only generic solutions.

Professional Websites

In today’s market, it is essential for any business to have a professional website that is always kept current and properly maintained. This is especially true with industrial, manufacturing, and machine companies.

The main thing that separates us from our competition is; we were founded by an Aerospace Engineer who actively worked with manufacturing companies to design, build and launch spacecraft.

We understand your business because we’ve been in your shoes and dealt with the same kinds of problems you currently face. Each business is unique so, we aren’t a “One Size Fits All” marketing solution. We will customize a marketing strategy tailored to fit your unique needs.


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Look Great on Every Device

Having a professional website is no longer enough. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, it is no longer enough to have a website that looks great only on a desktop computer alone, and we understand this.

Over half of all web traffic now happens when your customers are away from their desk. Therefore it is crucial for your online presence to look professional no matter what device your customer is using.

We create a web presence for your company that looks great on all digital devices, and we maintain your website on all these devices for the same low fee.

Rather than hiring additional employees to create and manage every area of your online presence, we handle it all for you, so you can focus on what is most important, running your business.

Client Testimonials

"Partnering with Machmark has allowed us to focus on what we do best, provide low cost space missions using innovative technology."

Alice W.

CFO, Microcosm

"The team is amazing and built a site that reflects all the hardwork we've put into our company. I don't even have to think about my website's just taken care of."

Marcus R.

Director, Scorpius Launch Company

How an Updated Website Helps Your Business

Websites have moved beyond a simple, novelty brochure to an essential business and marketing asset that sustains your company’s, your customers’, and your potential customers’ most valued asset; time.

We identify and showcase the unique solutions you provide to your customers so potential customers can find and engage with your business.

Example Websites

Each of these professional website designs is proven to showcase your business and service offerings with the same level of quality you bring to your work every day.

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